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Internal Marketing for Dental Offices

with a Dental Growth Strategies All-in-One Solution

Your existing dental patients already know and trust your dental practice. This is way internal marketing is one of the best places to find opportunities to increase your revenue.

Do my existing patients want to hear about my other services?

Many of your patients are looking for services they don’t even know that you provide, and are happy to hear about them. If you don’t tell them about what you do, they may go somewhere else. With an effective script and well-designed talking points, educating patients on your services can come across as helpful, rather than pushy.

What tools can I use for internal marketing?

Dental Growth Strategies employs strategies like regular email communication, social media posts, signage, new patient welcome packages and on-hold messages. With these tools, you can quickly increase the spending of your current patients for a fraction of the cost of acquiring new patients.

When should I apply internal marketing?

One of the most common missed opportunities we observe comes from the front desk, which is why Dental Growth Strategies puts a heavy focus on dental receptionist training. We provide proven-effective scripts, with tried and true talking points customized to your practices needs. Doing this, we help your front desk staff identify a great opportunity to provide a patient with more information.

Investing in educating your existing patients can pay off even further through word of mouth. Remember, your most valuable marketing comes from your patients glowing dental referrals and endorsements, so it just makes sense to make sure they know the services you provide, so that they may recommend them to their friends and family.

Did you know that Call Tracking is one of the biggest tools to help with internal marketing?

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