We Screwed Up!

December 19, 2019

Trent Wehrhahn


We Screwed Up! 

This week I learned that we really screwed up with one of our clients. We dropped the ball and there was no excuse for it, but it turned out to be a really good thing! 

With any company that is growing quickly there are always growing pains and we had those pains this week. We discovered a hole in our quality control systems that allowed some website edits to go back to the client for review without actually being completed. 

This is unacceptable because our client’s time is valuable and we never want to waste it. 

This was also a great opportunity for us to improve our quality control processes. 

Quality control has always been a top priority for me but as a company grows I can’t always look at everything so we had to implement systems to ensure our top work was always being delivered to our clients. Instead of just “get stuff done and back to the client any way you can”, systems put in place a series of checks and balances that ensure the process is followed every time to create the outcome you want, every time.

This is the same with all marketing, you need a system, not just a bunch of parts that don’t work together, to create the outcome you want…every time. 

You get your website done by one company, your SEO by someone else, a third company does your Google and Facebook ads, then you try to do your internal marketing and reception training on your own and decide you should advertise in a local newsletter publication so the graphic design for that is done by someone else, etc, etc. 

We see this all the time but the problem is usually nobody is communicating and this creates a situation where there is no system in place to ensure you get results. You get frustrated because it seems like nothing is working and you are spending all this money. 

That is why we created Dental Growth Strategies. So dentists would have someone they could go to and get everything they needed for marketing their practice, and someone who could make sense of what was working and what wasn’t to make recommendations for better ROI. 

As you can see from my admission above, the system we created is not perfect. But what I can tell you is we have created what we feel is the most comprehensive dental marketing system available at a price that is affordable by almost every practice. And we strive to make it better every day. 

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Trent Wehrhahn


Trent Wehrhahn is the founder and President of Dental Growth Strategies. With his years of multinational sales and marketing experience with dental offices, he has focused his strengths on marketing solutions for local dental offices just like yours.

At DGS we help you assess where you are at and implement a custom marketing plan that gets results.