Thunder Bay Dental Marketing Workshop

Learn How To Grow Your Practice With Proven Marketing Strategies In This 3 Hour Intensive Workshop.

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We are excited to be coming to Thunder Bay! In the past 15 years we have worked with dental practices across Canada and the US, helping them with every aspect of their marketing. From digital and online to more traditional advertising and even internal marketing strategies to get the most out of your existing patient base, we have pretty much done it all.

What we would like to do is pass that knowledge and experience along to you.

In this hands-on, small group workshop I will teach you and/or your office manager how to effectively market your practice with proven strategies and at the same time navigate the land mines of the ODA and College code of conduct. This is not theory, this is what we know works!

Here is just some of what we will cover in this workshop:

  1. Strategies for ensuring you get found online and when you do, make those people pick up the phone and call or contact you online. This includes your website and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
  2. How to get more online reviews and how to deal with reviews that may not be so great.
  3. How to use a formula to craft messages for both online and offline marketing that almost guarantee success.
  4. How to track the return on investment for any form of advertising.
  5. The world of social media and how that can work for dental offices.
  6. Tips and tricks on how to deal with media sales reps and get the best deals.
  7. Why thinking like a dental professional can be a real problem when creating content for marketing your practice.
  8. How to know what frequency you should advertise in different media like newspapers, radio, and direct mail.
  9. Online advertising through Google, Bing, Facebook and more.
  10. How to ensure your graphic designer doesn’t mess up your marketing.
  11. Reception training, why your front desk may be killing your practice and what to do about it.

We usually charge $250 to attend these workshops, but because my wife is from Thunder Bay and because this gives us a chance to go to Camp for a few days, I wanted to offer a special deal for dentists in the Thunder Bay area, just $49. This will just help offset my costs.

To register please fill in the form below or call my office at 403-879-1696.

Workshop Facilitator – Trent Wehrhahn

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About Trent:

Trent has an extensive background in management, sales, and marketing. Winning several awards including the prestigious Presidents Club ring for lifetime sales achievements.

Starting Dental Growth Strategies in 2001, Trent set out to create the ultimate marketing program for dental offices. Since then he has helped offices all over North America achieve goals they never thought attainable by providing a one stop shop for dental marketing.

Not every campaign was successful, but with years of trial and error and tracking results, it became easier to create marketing that worked every time.

Knowing there was a greater need for marketing knowledge in the dental industry, Trent developed this special dental marketing workshop to help teach owners and office managers across the country the formulas and strategies that have helped propel DGS clients to dominate their market areas.

You will leave this session with all the tools you need to make your practice dreams come true.

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