Internal Marketing

Your current patients already know and trust you. They are also one of the best places to get increases in your revenue.

Many of your patients are looking for services they don’t even know that you provide. If you don’t tell them about what you do they may go somewhere else.

With strategies like regular email communication, social media posts, signage, new patient welcome packages and on hold messages, you can increase the spending of your current patients for a fraction of the cost of acquiring new patients.

Receptionist Training

You can have all the best marketing and advertising in the world but if you phone isn’t being answered correctly all that effort could be wasted.

By recording all incoming calls and reviewing them with your receptionists we can quickly teach them what they can improve to convert more calls to patients. In addition we have proven scripts and tracking mechanisms to make their job even more effective.

By understanding the goals of the marketing you are doing your front end staff can maximize your return on investment.

Let us show you what we know

Unlike what you’ll find with our competitors, there are no smoke and mirrors surrounding what we do. Our experts are happy to provide a strategy and planning session, and help you understand how you can build a marketing campaign from the ground up.

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