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Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest... the list goes on and on. Maintaining a strong social media presence on the many social platforms can be a full time job by itself. If you are already busy with the day to day responsibilities of managing a dental practice, we understand that it can be difficult to find time to promote your practice on social media.

Is social media important to a dental practice?

People have busy lives, and they really don't have the time to properly research their dental options. At the same time they want quality when it comes to their teeth. This is why word-of-mouth is so powerful for a dental practice.

Hearing an ad on the radio or seeing a billboard on the highway can let a person know your practice exists and that you take your work seriously. However, it's that recommendation from their close friends and family that seals the deal.

A little known fact is that social media marketing for dentists doesn't have the direct effect on SEO that it used to. This is because Google has made changes in recent years to the way it values shares and likes. However, this isn't necessarily a bad thing. Turns out, likes aren't nearly as indicative of quality content as viewership.

It is important to remember that the companies that rise to the top are the ones the provide truly engaging content. Slamming viewers with ads everyday will let them know who you are, but it won't help with building trust. You must go where the people are and show them that you care.

Can I manage my social identity on my own?

Absolutely, yes! Your personal touch can really add to the personality of your image! However, you have to show serious commitment. If you don't enjoy responding to reviews, and spending time studying group psychology, you might be better off focusing your talents on what you do best.

Dental social media management is not for the faint of heart. It requires a unwavering commitment to keeping up with posts and comments on whatever social media channels you choose to participate in. People have short attention spans, and losing their interest is not hard to do.

People need to feel engaged, and accomplishing this happens in many ways. These include responding to their concerns and comments as soon as possible, and maintaining consistent information across all the platforms. If people find it difficult to contact you, it can easily cost you potential patients. You never know how many patients you don't get because of a simple mistake.

How does social media help my ranking on Google?

Indirectly, yes, but simply getting piles of shares isn't going to help you anymore. Google has to sift through 500 million tweets per day, so of course the value of an individual tweet has to be reduced. Google wants to promote the information viewers want to see, so, your profile should be truly engaging to get the full effect.

This means focusing effort on writing content instead of spamming keywords, talking about interesting topics instead of thoughtless company announcements. Think like this, your post should be, first and foremost, about the reader, and not about you.

This is basic psychology when it comes to story telling. In the early days of social media, any old post was good enough because it would be seen by millions of people. These days, content saturation makes standing out harder than ever.

How can my dental practice stand out on social networks?

Try collaborating with other business and non-profits. Don't worry too much about making it about dentistry, just try to make a good story that both of you can write about.

Of course videos, general blogging, and Facebook Ads are great ways to give your content a boost. However, don't forget that your content is sitting amongst thousands of other posts, so it needs to be truly engaging.

How do you make your content truly engaging? Remember, we're not just talking about catching peoples attention, we're also talking about encouraging viewers to participate. Try asking questions or taking poles. Encourage a bit of debate, and get in on it yourself as well!

What does Dental Growth Strategies do differently?

Here at Dental Growth Strategies, we take care of your online identity for you. Our experts quickly establish your profiles on the various outlets, and follow up regularly with engaging content unique to you and your business. We pay close attention to what works, and what doesn't, and over time, generate a respectably following.

We offer a professional in-house social media marketing service, designed to keep your practice active on many of the most popular social sites on the web. Our mission is to provide a truly effective marketing campaign. That means cutting no corners. We have a passionate team of talented individuals that work together on a variety of awesome services.

Your DGS program will help you and your staff produce personalized in house content that can engage prospective patients and current patients in a way that no outside service ever could.