Our Team

Dental Growth Strategies would be nothing without the amazing individuals who pull it all together. We promote an extremely positive environment, and encourage our team to get excited about their work. You'll be happy to know that every person involved in your marketing campaign truly cares about your business. We couldn't be more proud of our team.

Trent Wehrhahn
Cathy Wehrhahn
Jessica Ross
Project Coordinator
Geraldine Ferreras-Ras
Josh Maxwell
Software Developer
Jani Nash
SEO Specialist
Carlee Krtolica
Social Media Manager
Mike Minnella
Web Developer
Mark Erasquin
Web Developer
Peter Farrell
Web Developer
Muriel Santos
Graphic Designer
Michèle Young
Armil Velos
SEO Specialist
Mark Kenneth Suenan
Video Editor
Heather Luckhart
Digital Ads Manager

Heather Luckhart

Digital Ads Manager

Heather is known for taking roads less traveled. This has filled her experience bank with a diverse set of tools and layered insights that keep her and those around her smiling. With her career and personal accomplishments taking her everywhere from Albert Einstein Foundation, Genius: 100 Visions of the Future, Radio Stations (including JAZZ.FM91 and Zoomer), International Festivals, Children’s Music Foundation International, to grass-roots community start-ups and her role as a professional musician, her vast experience has given her an eye for success and efficiency. This has allowed Heather to bring big change where it is needed. Whether meticulously ensuring a simple task hits all the right marks, breaking Guinness World Records or facilitating the first 3D printed book ever manufactured at NASA’s International Space Station, her reputation and skills prove repeatedly that not even the sky is the limit when it comes to the sensational lengths she will go for her affiliates.

Dental Growth Strategies was started in 2001 when we realized there was a need in the dental industry for a provider of an all encompassing service for marketing a dental office. Since then we have grown to serve clients all over North America.

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