Our Team

Trent Wehrhahn
Cathy Wehrhahn
Jessica Ross
Director of Operations
Danielle Thompson
Social Media Marketing Specialist
Geraldine Ferreras-Ras
Jani Nash
SEO Specialist
Carlee Krtolica
Social Media Manager
Riley Hoffman
Web Developer
Mark Erasquin
Web Developer
Dallas Duncan
Client Manager
Mallory Firfire, Client Manager
Mallory Firfire
Client Manager
Angela McMullen
Client Manager
Peter Farrell
Web Developer
Muriel Santos
Graphic Designer
Armil Velos
SEO Specialist
Mark Kenneth Suenan
Video Editor
Joanna Gabo

Carlee Krtolica

Social Media Manager

Carlee is the resident Instagram and Social Media Specialist at {H-Cube/DGS}. She loves to help our clients showcase their businesses to their audience and clients in an authentic and meaningful way. Carlee also manages our Influencer Marketing campaigns offering our clients new ways to grow their social media presence and reach. She has a Bachelor of Commerce and holds her WSET Level 2 Sommelier Certification.
Carlee has a lifestyle and travel blog called Styled to Sparkle. She has a passion for writing and sharing her knowledge with others. Her blog covers topics that include Interior Design, Travel, Fashion, Beauty, Food and Wine. Carlee is a Pinterest expert and often hosts workshops and makes podcast appearances to share her knowledge of how to use the platform for business. She is a wife and dog mom and is currently expecting her first child.

Our Vision

  • Profitability through Integrity: We are honest, open, ethical, professional and fair. People trust us to adhere to our word. We strive for profitability but won’t put that above integrity.
  • Innovation: Always looking for ways to innovate to improve every aspect of our business
  • Teamwork: None of us is as smart as all of us, working as a team achieves more, adds quality for our clients, and provides support for each other.
  • Keep a balance between work and life and have fun in everything you do.
  • Quality: If we are going to do something we will do it well or we don’t do it.
  • We always consider any opportunities for personal development to maximize a team member’s potential, enhance their quality of life, and contribute to the realization of their dreams and aspirations.

Dental Growth Strategies was started in 2001 when we realized there was a need in the dental industry for a provider of an all encompassing service for marketing a dental office. Since then we have grown to serve clients all over North America.

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