Website and Search Engine Optimization

Modern design practices and cutting edge web technology…

With an integrated marketing system like Dental Growth Strategies, your website will work together with all your materials to create a branded visual appearance, consistent strategic message, and high value, qualified leads.

Our specialists go the extra mile to get your service ranked well on serach engines. We manage everything from social media presence to ad copyrighting and much more.

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Social Media & Reviews

Managing your social presence is a critical part of your local and organic search strategy.

Social media marketing requires an unwavering commitment to keeping up with posts and comments on whatever social media channels you choose to participate in. We offer a professional social media marketing service to keep your practice active on the most popular social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more.

In addition, our team actively pursues positive reviews with a variety of automated system, while also resolving issues of un-satisfied clients before they leave negative reviews on various social platforms.

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Direct Mail, Print Ads, Radio and TV

Dental Growth Strategies, crafting traditional ads since 2001

Dental marketing with traditional media

We take offline marketing seriously too.

Many people will tell you that traditional media is dead, but the fact is, most people still listen to their radio on the way to work, and everyone still checks their mailbox, and none of that is changing anytime soon. This is especially significant when it comes to local businesses like your dental practice.

Your Dental Growth Strategies package will include strategy, copywriting, graphic design, and media purchasing to ensure you get the best deal possible from your local publications.

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Staff Training & Internal Marketing

Your receptionist is one of your most powerful assets, when given the right tools…

… and your existing clients are your most promising source of business.
We provide your employees with one-on-one training, proven scripts, and corrective action.

Our call tracking service is top of the line.
We track all kinds of data. Who called, where from, how did they hear about us… We listen to every single call to provide the best possbile quality control, and personally advise your receptionist of how they can improve.

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Let us show you what we know

Unlike what you’ll find with our competitors, there are no smoke and mirrors surrounding what we do. Our experts are happy to provide a strategy and planning session, and help you understand how you can build a marketing campaign from the ground up.

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