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At DGS we use as our management software. This allows us to keep our client projects organized. Here are the most commonly asked questions about


At DGS many members our team work together to ensure the right things are being done. This is why sending emails directly to one individual may cause a delay in accomplishing our goals.


We use notifications to message our clients when they might need a reminder about something, or alert them of changes, or upcoming time-sensitive topics. If you find you are receiving too many, let us know and we can alter the amount of alerts you receive.


Simply ask us. We can add a user to your board whenever you wish.


If you forget to click the 'save' button your reply will not show up. Go back and open your task, your reply might still be waiting to be sent.


We kindly request that you leave that status change to us. When you mark a task 'done' the task automatically moves to another group on your board. Out of sight, out of mind. If it is marked 'done' before we have the chance to check, it can lead to miscommunication.


When you respond or update information in a task, click reply to the last update. A linear line of communication keeps our team more organized and items don't get missed.


It is best to keep all steps/ tasks pertaining to one bigger project in the same task group. For example - if you need several pieces of material designed for one event, or multiple small tasks, keep them together so we can easily find all pertinent information.


Add the person who is responsible for the task. If you aren't sure who that is, ask us. We will change the task accordingly if it needs to be changed.


To familiarize yourself with review our cheatsheet or watch this dashboard tutorial video:

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