Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve tried all kinds of marketing and advertising before, and nothing worked. Why is this any different?

Most marketing programs for small business are designed with little thought given to the strategy. So when they don’t work, the business owner may conclude that it CAN’T work. They aren’t trained and practiced in the discipline of marketing strategy, so they have a tough time evaluating this. But Dental Growth Strategies was designed and tested by high-level business strategists trained in the discipline of results-oriented marketing. The concepts and strategies have been field tested, giving clients the best possible chance for success.

My practice is different than most. How do I know this will work for me?

Every practice is different, but the marketing issues are almost exactly the same. You may be happy with the level of new patients you are getting now and you just want to increase the value of each patient, or you may want to increaes your new patient flow as well as increase the value of each. In any case, with the right marketing system, you can take more control over driving leads, the specific kinds of treatments you want to promote, and how big you want to grow your clinic(s).

I keep hearing that this is a system. How does it work?

The system has two main components – The strategic and the tactical. The strategy is the content, what you say and how you say it in all your communications. The tactical plan includes things like website, letters, Patient Relation Manager System (PRM), postcards, faxes, educational packets, radio ads, follow up systems, and anything else that will produce a Return On Investment (ROI), for you when deployed. We lay that all out for you. If we can’t project an ROI based on our field tested programs, we won’t recommend it for you.

How much time will I need to implement and run the Dental Growth Strategies Program?

We need to have one or two teleconferences before we can begin implementing for a clinic. We go through a series of questions during the conference that help us understand your specific needs. You should plan on 60-90 minutes for each conference. Once that’s done, and you approve the plan, we take it from there. At that point, we will keep you updated with regular conference calls, along with automatic email alerts that come from your personalized clinic “Dashboard”.

How much does it cost, and how do I know if I can afford it?

You pay a one-time setup fee depending on the number services you choose and the number of clinics. In addition, you pay a monthly licensing fee. To help you see the value in our program, consider what it would cost to staff a marketing department in your business. For example: add the cost of a full time marketing person, a website developer, a graphic designer and a copywriter. That is what you get with the DGS program but at a small fraction of the cost. It only takes 1-2 additional patients per location per month to cover the cost. You get fortune 500 style marketing on a small business budget.

Last month I spent $5,000 on marketing and got 65 new patients. How much will I need to spend with Dental Growth Strategies for the same kind of result?

We work with your marketing budget. Dollar for dollar, Dental Growth Strategies should get more results. Because we are able to apply what we learn from other clinics all over the country, you can expect 2-10 times the response.

Do you have any other options other than the complete system?

Yes. For those that are interested in working with us on a more traditional consulting basis, please contact us to discuss.

I’m interested in finding out more, what do I do next?

If you haven’t already done so, you can schedule a webinar (click on webinar tab at the top of the page).