Direct Mail

Many people will tell you that direct mail is dead. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Direct mail works, it’s that simple.

According to the 2015 DMA response rate report, response rates for direct mail outperform digital media (like email) in immediate response by an average of 34%.

While savvy marketers will use a combination of media for their campaigns, print is still among the top three.

What makes a direct mail campaign successful is the strategy behind it. Choosing the right format, crafting the right message, selecting the right list, ensuring the right mailing method, setting up the right tracking tools, and determining the right timing for your direct mail campaign are the keys to its success.

Dental Growth Strategies has been creating direct mail campaigns for dental offices since 2001. Because of that we have concepts for nearly every dental service and proven results in many markets around North America.

Print Ads

he dental industry is perfect for local print publications. Because your target audience is usually local many of the small local publications can be an economical way to reach your target audience. May times these local publications have a very targeted audience making them great for marketing services like custom sports mouthguards to athletes or implant retained dentures to seniors.

Dental Growth Strategies has crafted ads for print since 2001 giving us a large library of dental related print ads that can be customized for most practices.

Your DGS package will include strategy, copyrighting, graphic design, and media purchasing to ensure you get the best deal possible from your local publications.

Almost every dental marketing system should include some form of print advertising.

Radio & TV

One of the most cost effective way to reach a large part of your target market is through broadcast media like radio and TV. Dental Growth Strategies has had years of experience creating successful campaigns. With a huge library of ad scripts and our own voice over team we can have your ad campaign up and running within a few days.

Radio and TV are a great way to allow your prospects to meet you prior to coming in to your office. In many cases this is the reason people will choose you over your competition.

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Let us show you what we know

Unlike what you’ll find with our competitors, there are no smoke and mirrors surrounding what we do. Our experts are happy to provide a strategy and planning session, and help you understand how you can build a marketing campaign from the ground up.

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