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Case Study #1

Date Range - April - May 2021

PRACTICE: Southern Ontario - Mid-sized practice



RECOMMENDATION: Additional $750 based on current conversion levels

The client was concerned about spending $1500 per month. Wondered what kind of return on investment they were getting.

We met with the client after two months with the higher budget to review results.

Conversion Tracking
A conversion is defined as someone who either requests an appointment through a webform or calls the office after clicking through from a Google Ad or calling directly from a Google Ad. Tracking is set up to measure all web forms that are filled out by someone who is a visitor who initially found the website through a Google Ad. Calls are tracked by dynamically switching phone numbers on the website based on where they came from. This means a website visitor arriving from a Google Ad will see a different phone number than someone who arrived at the site directly or came from another source like Facebook.

This client was concerned about spending $1500 per month and wondering what kind of return on investment they were getting.


The Real Numbers
After reviewing the account we were able to determine the following:

Impressions (the number of times the ad showed in search) over the two month period increased by 105.86% to 11,863

Click-throughs increased by 63.37% to 825 clicks
Conversions increased by 78.4% to 183. 39 webform appointment requests, 27 calls directly from ads, and 117 calls from the website from Google ads.

We do not know exactly how many of these actually converted to new patients but we can make some assumptions based on listening to a sampling of calls.

If we assume 40% of the calls are from existing patients and we assume the form fills and remaining calls were closed at a rate of 50% (they are closer to 80%)

105% Increase In Impressions Over A Two Month Period

63% Increase In Click-Throughs

Number Of New Patients: 63

We can also assume a new patient average value of $1000 for their area. This means for their 2 months spend of $3000 their return would be about $62,000 or more than 20x return on investment.

We have now recommended this client increase their budget by another $750 to see where we reach the point of diminishing returns. Because they are so busy right now they have decided to defer that until the fall of 2021.

63 New Patients

20x Return On Investment

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