Advertising For Dentists – 3 Steps To Success

January 14, 2014

Trent Wehrhahn


Find Something Good to Say

You can follow these 3 simple steps to make money and grow your practice with advertising, OR just keep flushing precious cash down the toilet while you hope and pray for results. Which do you prefer?

For those of you who attended our most recent Marketing Boot Camp, you know that making money from your advertising investment can be broken down into a 3-step process. Each step is simple to understand, but takes expertise and experience to execute.

Don’t flush your hard earned money down the toilet.

Step 1 – Find Something Good To Say: This is the strategic process of determining what will make you more appealing to prospective patients. What do you do that makes your quality of care and patient experience any better or different than your competitor’s? This almost always requires that you have a desire to be better than the competition in ways that your patients value.

Step 2 – Say It Well: Once you have found Something Good To Say, you need to Say It Well. Saying it well demands that you make your unique advantages instantly evident in your marketing communicationsYou can’t expect people to take their time to sort and sift through your information to find the reasons they should choose you. Good marketing communications use tested methods and techniques proven to engage qualified prospects who are looking for what you offer. Get this wrong and it’s like flushing your money down the toilet; get it right and you are set up to maximize your return.

Step 3 – Say It Often:  Most money is wasted because the marketer skips steps 1 & 2 and jumps right in on  spending money to advertise. That’s the primary reason many dentists draw the conclusion that advertising doesn’t work; they spend money without a well-defined strategy. If you think ad reps from the Yellow Pages or any local media outlets take care of this for you, they don’t.  But if you take the time to find the right agency that specializes in dental marketing to help you work through steps 1 and 2, you will be in control of your own marketing strategy and develop a healthy appetite to “Say It Often.”

Follow these 3 simple steps and you can join the club of those practitioners who enjoy the benefits of the ultimate leverage for business success – marketing. 

Many clients hear about this 3-step process and ask if they should stop marketing until they run through steps 1 and 2. That will depend on where you are now in terms of marketing.

You may already Have Something Good To Say, but need help with How to Say It Well, or perhaps you already Say It Well, but need advice on how to choose the best media mix for your market to Say It Often. Remember, marketing is an investment, not an expense, so don’t be afraid to go the extra distance to get the job done right.

Trent Wehrhahn


Trent Wehrhahn is the founder and President of Dental Growth Strategies. With his years of multinational sales and marketing experience with dental offices, he has focused his strengths on marketing solutions for local dental offices just like yours.

At DGS we help you assess where you are at and implement a custom marketing plan that gets results.