8 Key Features & Benefits That Get Results

  1. Complete System
    (not just one format like a website)
  2. Strategy Based
    (not developed by people sitting around trying to be creative)
  3. Fixed Monthly Fee That Fits Your Budget
    (no consultants full of advice, training seminars, and thick binders that leave you with the job of figuring out how to get it all done)
  4. Treatment Specific Strategies
    (not simply content that says “we are good Dentists and can help you with your patients”)
  5. Fully Customizable Materials Without Additional Expense
    (no worries about additional design fees not in the budget).
  6. Professional Copy Writing
    (no more “write down what you want and we’ll put it in”)
  7. Professional Graphic Design
    (not just MS Word documents you have to send out for expensive design, or send out looking shabby)
  8. Implementation Support
    (not just advice telling you what you should do, but actually helping to get it done)