3 Critical Requirements To Actually Execute Good Marketing

The right dental marketing service provider needs to provide at least three critical things to ACTUALLY EXECUTE good marketing for you:

Critical Requirement #1:

Finished content for marketing specific treatments to consumersand other care professionals.
CheckMarkIt’s not enough to just sign up for training programs and seminars that send you home with a three ring binder full of stuff you need to rewrite and figure out on your own; and you can’t get very far with a consultant who comes in and gives you advice without actually doing anything either. You need content you can quickly review and approve for use today. Otherwise, you may find yourself with a pile of unfinished letters and concepts that never get out the door; does that sound familiar?

Critical Requirement #2:

Complete implementation services and support.
CheckMarkExecuting powerful strategy requires training, experience, and lots of support. Unless you have the resources to hire a senior-level marketing executive (and don’t forget his support staff), for a generous six-figure salary plus incentives, chances are you will need a marketing services provider to handle all of this for you to get it done.

Critical Requirement #3:

CheckMarkBuilding content and technology for websites, marketing materials, email marketing, direct mail, broadcast advertising, print advertising, communityand professional events, and other critical content that is essential to getting results is very, very, expensive. You need to find a marketing services provider that provides access to content AND implementation on an affordable fixed budget.