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Dental marketing takes more than just a website…

Packages starting at just $200 per month!

Dental Growth Strategies has been providing innovative marketing strategies to dental offices all across North America for more than 15 years.

Our service provides a comprehensive marketing and retention solution tailored specifically to the needs of dental practices.

An effective dental marketing campaign requires more than simply creating a website or running ads; it involves seamlessly incorporating multiple aspects into an integrated whole - something we take great pride in doing at our company.

Our experts are more than willing to address any queries or review marketing material for you.

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Website and Search Engine Optimization

Modern design practices and cutting edge web technology...

Dental Growth Strategies' integrated marketing system ensures your website works in harmony with all other materials to present a branded visual appearance, consistent strategic message and generate high value, qualified leads.

Dental SEO and SEM experts from within the dental industry.

Our experts take every measure possible to rank your service highly on search engines, from social media presence management and copyrighting services, right through to website hosting and more.

Already have a Dental Marketing Website?

Find out if your site is ranking with our unbiased website auditing tool.

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Social Media & Reviews

Managing your social presence is a critical part of your local and organic search strategies.

Social media marketing demands an ongoing commitment to keeping up with posts and comments across any chosen social media channels, like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. We offer professional social media marketing services designed to keep your practice active on popular social platforms such as these.

Additionally, our team actively pursues positive reviews through automated systems while also working to resolve unsatisfied clients before they write negative reviews on various social platforms.

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Direct Mail, Print Ads, Radio and TV

Dental Growth Strategies, crafting traditional dental marketing advertising since 2001

We take offline marketing seriously too.

Many will argue that traditional media is dead; however, most people still listen to radio on the way to work and check their mailbox daily - none of this will change anytime soon! This fact becomes particularly crucial when applied to local businesses such as your dental practice.

Your Dental Growth Strategies package includes strategy, copy writing, graphic design and media purchasing - everything necessary for optimal success in local publications.

Request a consultation now to discover which platforms we would recommend as part of your marketing campaign!

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Staff Training & Internal Marketing

Your receptionist is one of your most powerful assets, when given the right tools…

… and your existing clients are your most promising source of business. We provide your employees with one-on-one training, proven scripts, and corrective action.

Our call tracking service is top of the line. We track all kinds of data. Who called, where from, how did they hear about us… We listen to every single call to provide the best possible quality control, and personally advise your receptionist of how they can improve.

How do I start a dental marketing campaign?

At Dental Growth Strategies, there's no mystery to our services - our experts are more than happy to offer a free strategy and planning session so you can learn about creating an effective marketing campaign from scratch.

Contact us today for your FREE strategy and planning session!

FREE Strategy and Planning Session

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DGS Clients

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What Our Clients Have to Say

"DGS has been a game-changer for our company. The website is fantastic. The staff is always professional. Very forward-thinking and always helping us in providing good direction."

Nancy Redwood
Springbank Dental Centre

"I really enjoy working with DGS. Their team is professional and always available when needed. It's wonderful to work with people who care so much about the user experience and who understand the challenges of dental clinics so well."

Valérie Leblanc
Dentistes REMA

A top-notch marketing company with outstanding customer service! They take a major role in advertising and social media presence for your business. 5 Stars All The Way!

Jerilyn McBain
Princess Dental

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